Parallel Poem

I am daughter, twin, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend

I am In-N-Out , a double-double and a lemon-up

I am crazy, fun, and energetic, fun to be around

I am chocolate, like hot chocolate on a winter day

I am brown eyes, dark brown hair

I am pink, like a blossom in the spring

I am thankful, blessed, and grateful

I am smile, sunshine beaming

I am optimistic, positive about everything

I am believer, follower of Christ

The Job for Me

My “dream job” would be to become a professional soccer player.  Soccer is my favorite sport, so I would very much enjoy playing it everyday.  I love the thought of having a job that requires teamwork, where my team and I would work together.  Also, I have always wanted a fun job that requires one to always be up and moving.  Being a professional soccer player also includes traveling around the world to different places, where I can experience new things.  I would be able to learn many more moves and tricks, playing soccer daily.  I would fit in well because I would be surrounded by people who shared my love of soccer.  I would like and enjoy my job, where I could take my skills and aptitudes into use.


My more realistic job would probably be to become a teacher.  I would probably like to teach the 5th grade, since I have enjoyed it very much.  I would like to teach the subjects English and History.  I find them very interesting and hope to make every person I might teach enjoy them too.  I enjoy teaching different things and helping kids understand concepts, carefully explaining the concept.  I would feel in the right place, where other people around me shared my interests.

Ideal Community Brainstorm

An ideal community would require many things such as the following.  An ideal community would require peace and harmony among the citizens in order for everything to function and work.  An ideal community would need an able and stable government to make fair and just laws for the people to follow.  What an ideal community would not have are thieves, murderers, and other horrible people.  Everyone in the community would have a reasonable amount of money and no one would be poor.  An ideal community would require good education for children and adults would have good occupations so that they could make enough money to support their family.

Much Ado About Nothing Reflection

All Much Ado About Nothing

In my English class, we have recently finished acting out Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing.  We each were assigned different parts and characters and were expected to memorize many lines.  Every week we memorized lines and gradually turned Shakespeare’s play into a movie.  As we were making the play, we frequently wrote in journals, at one point being asked to reflect on how the play was progressing and how we felt about acting out Much Ado About Nothing.  During my experiences in Much Ado About Nothing so far, I have encountered many exciting and suspenseful parts of the play.  I am very proud of my fellow classmates and the immense improvements they have made throughout the course of filming and acting out Much Ado About Nothing.  I am also proud of myself for putting in my efforts of trying my best to memorize my lines.  I am thoroughly enjoying this play and I could not have chosen a better play to act out.  I have learned many things through this play, such as learning how to act properly as well as what the different jobs of people in plays are (cue callers, line readers, film editors, etc.)  Some things that have been difficult for me throughout Much Ado About Nothing are memorizing my lines, but with a lot of practice, I got the hang of it.  Some frustrating things are that some people did not memorize their lines for filming on the following day and others goofed off, doing their own thing.  But I think that as a few weeks passed, my classmates matured and took things more seriously, which allowed everyone to do their part and be efficient.  For the next couple of weeks, I would like my classmates and me to act out and film most of the play and make a lot of progress.  Currently, I am fairly satisfied with our progress and efficiency.