All About Me

I am from…

The theme of a literary work is often expressed through the lessons that the protagonist learns.  Jonas learns that there is not just him, just now, that life includes what he has learned what he is learning, and what he will learn.  He realizes that life is full of experiences not only from his own, but of others before him and it flows over to others that follow him.  The Giver teaches that everything from the past, present, and future flow into the river and shape how the river forms, making an impact on others’ lives.  The river forms and changes as life changes and flows with each turn.  Like Jonas, I have realized that my life is like a river too.  I am from all that came before me that shaped and formed my life and will continue to flow in my life and for others after me.


I am from tiring days of play long games of soccer, panting and sweating on the way home, water from my water bottle dripping down my chin.  I am from Sunday songs playing as I drink apple juice with dinosaur nuggets.  I am from the ballet studio, standing around watching figures dancing and prancing across the floor.  I am from bike rides around the neighborhood, attempting to ride up the steep hill, the hill that seemed almost impossible to climb.  I am from Juice Squeeze, sipping it as I watch an intense action movie.  I am from Silk chocolate milk, drinking it after a delicious lunch.


I am from the lemon-up and double-double, the keys on the piano, and a song.  I am from homework, getting off track and playing on my Ipod touch.  I am from sleepovers at my cousin’s house, playing Just Dance 2 nonstop through the night.  I am from a mortgage lender and a typical housewife.  I am from reading (mostly playing) on my Kindle, switching through my games whenever I lose on a game.  I am from the Percy Jackson series, a #1 fan!


I am…

I am daughter, twin, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend

I am In-N-Out , a double-double and a lemon-up

I am crazy, fun, and energetic, fun to be around

I am chocolate, like hot chocolate on a winter day

I am brown eyes, dark brown hair

I am pink, like a blossom in the spring

I am thankful, blessed, and grateful

I am smile, sunshine beaming

I am optimistic, positive about everything

I am believer, follower of Christ


One of My Best Qualities

Although it is difficult to determine one by a single word, my most dominant characteristic would be that I am funny.  I make many funny jokes and always say silly things that make people laugh.  I am a very fun girl to be around and everyone around me enjoys my good humor.  I am full of laughter and jokes, often causing people to smile or laugh.  Even though describing someone by one word is hard, the best word that describes me is being funny.


The Perfect Job for Me

My “dream job” would be to become a professional soccer player.  Soccer is my favorite sport, so I would very much enjoy playing it everyday.  I love the thought of having a job that requires teamwork, where my team and I would work together.  Also, I have always wanted a fun job that requires one to always be up and moving.  Being a professional soccer player also includes traveling around the world to different places, where I can experience new things.  I would be able to learn many more moves and tricks, playing soccer daily.  I would fit in well because I would be surrounded by people who shared my love of soccer.  I would like and enjoy my job, where I could take my skills and aptitudes into use.


My more realistic job would probably be to become a teacher.  I would probably like to teach the 5th grade, since I have enjoyed it very much.  I would like to teach the subjects English and History.  I find them very interesting and hope to make every person I might teach enjoy them too.  I enjoy teaching different things and helping kids understand concepts, carefully explaining the concept.  I would feel in the right place, where other people around me shared my interests.

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