For Week 7 of the student blogging challenge,  I used artpad, a website that is for drawing.  My drawing is a brown cross on green hills and a sun.  I drew a cross to represent Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us.   My drawing represents my faith in God and Jesus Christ, as I attend a Christian school.  I drew this drawing to help motivate me to keep on believing in Jesus and to have faith in Him no matter what.  Here is my drawing:


My Dream Jobs

For Week 6 of the student blogging challenge, I chose to write about my dream jobs.  Every single person has a dream job, whether it being a teacher to a doctor.  I have many dream jobs that I hope to have when I become older.  One of my dream jobs is to become an actress.  As an actress, I can be famous and star in many movies.  I can also make a lot of money and one day, I hope to be nominated to go to the Oscars and win an award.  Another dream job of mine is to become a chocolatier.  Being a chocolatier sounds a little silly, but since I love chocolate, I think it would be very fun and interesting to become a chocolatier.  As a chocolatier, I would be able to sample my work and taste chocolate everyday!  Lastly, I would like to become a fashion designer.  Fashion designers get to design their very own clothes and show them off by holding fashion shows.  I have always dreamed of holding my very own fashion show so that I could show off my work and being proud of my work.

Collage of Pink

For Week 5 of the student blogging challenge, I made a collage.  I chose to do my collage on the color pink.  Pink is soft and sweet like soft, fluffy cotton candy.  Pink is the color of love and beauty and is beautiful in many ways.  Thank you Flickr Storm and Larry Ferlazzo.  All these pictures were taken by different people and must be given credit to the person who took them.  Click on the pictures to go to the link.





My Mother Language

학생 도전 블로그의 주 4에 대한, 내가 한국에 게시물을 작성할하고 있습니다. 어머니는 언어, 한국어, 제 모국어했습니다. 내가 어렸을 때, 난 겨우 한국어 이야기지만영어 학교에서 학교를 시작했을 때, 첫 언어가 떨어져 곧 미끄러지면서 나는 대부분을 잊어버렸습니다. 자, 내 주요 언어는 영어입니다, 나는 오직 한국어의 기초를 알아. 저는 한국에 대한 지식을 검색하고 더 이야기하는 방법을 알고 싶습니다. 우리가한국어와 한국 알아야 우리 가족 모두에게 상당히 표준이기 때문에 한국어 나와 내가족에게 매우 중요합니다. 한국 가족의 유산의 일부이며 내 가족이 더 많은 세대에 대한 우리의 전통과 문화를 계속 지속되기를 바랍니다. 내 블로그에 대해 언급하십시오!


For Week 4 of the student challenge blog, I am writing a post in Korean.  My mother language, Korean, was my first language.  When I was young, I spoke only Korean, but when I started school at an English school, my first language began to slip away and soon, I forgot most of it.  Now, my main language is English, and I only know the basics of Korean.  I hope to retrieve my knowledge of Korean and know how to speak more of it.  Korean is very important to me and my family because we are Korean and it is pretty standard for everyone in our family to know Korean.  Korean is a part of my family’s heritage and I hope that my family continues to carry on our traditions and cultures for generations more.  Please comment on my blog!



For Week 4 of the student challenge blog, we are finding problems that are global.  I am focusing on the needy children in Africa.  Thousands of children in Africa are needy of clothes and shoes.  The children have no shoes to wear that properly protects their feet, causing them to suffer from cold weather and the dirty ground.  TOMS, an organization founded by Blake Mycoskie, helps donate shoes to the needy children in Africa.  TOMS is a shoe company that has designed their own comfortable, inexpensive shoes.  TOMS, the first to come up with this idea, has a method of donating to the children in Africa.  Every time someone purchases a pair of TOMS, a pair is donated to a needy child in Africa.  This giving system has helped many children in Africa and has impacted their lives immensely to this day.

TOMS’ motto, “One for one,” helps motivate them every day.  As TOMS says, “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  One for one.  Many children in developing countries grow up barefoot. Whether at play, doing chores or going to school, these children are at risk.  A leading cause of disease in developing countries is soil-transmitted diseases, which can penetrate the skin through bare feet.  Wearing shoes can help prevent these diseases, and the long-term physical and cognitive harm they cause.  Wearing shoes also prevents feet from getting cuts and sores. Not only are these injuries painful, they also are dangerous when wounds become infected.  Many times children can’t attend school barefoot because shoes are a required part of their uniform. If they don’t have shoes, they don’t go to school. If they don’t receive an education, they don’t have the opportunity to realize their potential.”

Every person that works for TOMS has dedicated their work to helping poor and needy children in Africa.  That is very admirable and inspires many to join in with them in helping others in need.  Some ways that we can help poor kids in Africa is by raising money through a bake sale or a lemonade stand.  We can then give the money we earned to an organization or charity working for the same cause and they will donate the money to help pay for something that a child needs in Africa.  As you can see, there are many ways we can help needy children in Africa and hopefully will affect many children in need.  Many charities and organizations have done many incredible things to help donate to the needy children in Africa.  The question is… How can YOU help?


My Soccer Hobby

My favorite hobby is to play soccer.  I started playing soccer when I was about seven or eight years old.  I was quite a girly girl when I was young, so every year when my dad asked me if I wanted to play soccer, I said no.  I was just too girlish to play soccer.  I thought that I would get hurt by the ball if somebody kicked it into my stomach or something.  I just wasn’t ready to play soccer, I  didn’t have the guts to try.  My twin brother was playing soccer, ever since he was six years old.  He had much more experience than me and was quite good at soccer.  He was a good role model and once in a while he taught me about soccer and how to play and do tricks.  I realized that I liked soccer and so I told my dad, who had been waiting all these years, for this, that I wanted to play soccer.  So when I went to my first practice, I was very nervous and shy, my teammates were very outgoing and kind.  We worked well together and were undefeated.  I discovered that I was best at defense and offense.  I have now been playing soccer for about four years, ever since I was eight years old.  I still enjoy soccer to the fullest and hopefully will continue to play.

My Avatar

My avatar looks like me because I have dark brown hair.  I also have brown eyes and I have medium hair length.  I made my avatar wear a uniform, a shirt with a skirt, like I wear, but not the same colors.  My avatar and I also are pretty small and short.  Lastly, my avatar has a music note because I play the piano and love music.


Blogs That You Should See

We have now completed the 1st week of our 1st blogging challenge.  It was very fun and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.  This week we visited several other kids’ blogs.  I enjoyed reading other kids’ blogs all around the world!  Three blogs stood out to me in particular, one being Olivia’s blog. Olivia was very descriptive in every one of her posts and she went into much depth and detail.  Also, she put several pictures in some of her posts to paint a very good picture of what she is writing about.  Another blog that stood out was Riley’s blog because she had many interesting videos and pictures, which was very enjoyable.  She was very thorough in her writing, explaining what she was saying and being descriptive.  Lastly, Eli’s blog stood out very much.  She had an interesting video about Kony and I was very interested the whole time.  She used many  transitions in her writing which made her paragraphs flow smoothly.  I have had so much fun participating in the student blogging challenge and I can’t wait to move on!

I Am From…

The theme of a literary work is often expressed through the lessons that the protagonist learns.  Jonas learns that there is not just him, just now, that life includes what he has learned what he is learning, and what he will learn.  He realizes that life is full of experiences not only from his own, but of others before him and it flows over to others that follow him.  The Giver teaches that everything from the past, present, and future flow into the river and shape how the river forms, making an impact on others’ lives.  The river forms and changes as life changes and flows with each turn.  Like Jonas, I have realized that my life is like a river too.  I am from all that came before me that shaped and formed my life and will continue to flow in my life and for others after me.


I am from tiring days of play long games of soccer, panting and sweating on the way home, water from my water bottle dripping down my chin.  I am from Sunday songs playing as I drink apple juice with dinosaur nuggets.  I am from the ballet studio, standing around watching figures dancing and prancing across the floor.  I am from bike rides around the neighborhood, attempting to ride up the steep hill, the hill that seemed almost impossible to climb.  I am from Juice Squeeze, sipping it as I watch an intense action movie.  I am from Silk chocolate milk, drinking it after a delicious lunch.


I am from the lemon-up and double-double, the keys on the piano, and a song.  I am from homework, getting off track and playing on my Ipod touch.  I am from sleepovers at my cousin’s house, playing Just Dance 2 nonstop through the night.  I am from a mortgage lender and a typical housewife.  I am from reading (mostly playing) on my Kindle, switching through my games whenever I lose on a game.  I am from the Percy Jackson series, a #1 fan!